Friday Reflections

January 11, 2008

tv-mirror1a_low.jpgFriday is my “day off.” My “day off” usually consists of staying home, resting, playing with my son, and letting my stay-at-home wife run some errands, take care of some business and clear her head by herself. Also, on Friday my brain is pretty much mush as I wind down from the week and get ready for Saturday (which all pastors know is an interesting day filled with a combination of anxiety and excitement as Sunday awaits).

Since I try to make Fridays my only relaxing day that I have (thus making it my Sabbath) I thought I’d start a new feature where I’d “open my self up a little” as my wife always tries to encourage me to do. Therefore, a new feature on this blog is going to be my own personal reflections. Some of you may not care to read this but others may have a voyeuristic personality, so here it goes:

1. Yesterday was my wife and I’s 4th Wedding Anniversary. She wrote me the sweetest card that could have ever been written. In a “brain poot” that will never be forgotten, I wrote her perhaps the worse card with the worst picture ever on it. But she forgave me for my idiocy, praise the Lord.

2. We are officially celebrating our anniversary tonight as we trek across town to Village at Sandhills to spend some gift cards that we got for Christmas. I really hope Books-a-Million has a decent Christian section, but I doubt it.

3. I am still amazed at the faithfulness of God in my ministry. He has blessed me with a great team to work, exceptional volunteers, wonderful parents, and exciting children. I praise Him that many are coming to a saving faith in Him in the current days. I am humbled that I can be a part of that experience with them.

4. I have a laptop and I left my power cord at the church. Does this ever happen to any of y’all? I do this A LOT for some reason.

5. If you live in the Columbia area, what is your favorite restaurant at Sandhills? We haven’t decided where to eat tonight.