Tell Others (July 6)

July 3, 2008

This month’s theme: July is all about how Christians should act and what they should do. The lessons are Tell Others, Respect Others, Work with Others, Tell the World. This week is on Tell Others. The application is that God wants us to tell people about Jesus. Thankfully, His Spirit helps and leads us to do this.

3rd-5th graders
will learn the story of Stephen. An interesting story to tell children since Stephen was killed while telling others about Jesus. Interestingly enough, the literature stops before he is stoned in the 3rd and 4th grade learner guides. I’m not a big advocate of leaving parts of a story out so if you choose to tell that Stephen was killed you may want to say, “this does not mean that you will be killed for telling others about Jesus.” Instead, impress upon the children the importance of telling people about Jesus. Stephen was willing to risk his life so that people may know about Him. That is the lesson they should take from the story, not that they should fear for their life when they invite their classmate to church….not in America at least…well, not yet.

1st-2nd grade: Will learn about how Jesus transformed Saul into a persecutor of Christians into a committed disciple of Christianity who told many people about Jesus. Let your kids know that when they invite someone to Sunday school they are telling them about Jesus much like Paul did.


Centri Kid Day 4/5

June 19, 2008

We’re leaving home today! I’m writing this late on Thursday night and you are probably reading this on Friday morning. You will see your kids later this afternoon! ETA is 3 pm although we may be earlier. The plan is to be leaving the college at 10:15 am with a stop for lunch around Greenville. Call the church around noonish to get more of an exact time.

We have a had a great week with the kids. Each child here at one point made us laugh, gave us inspiration, and furthered our relationship with them. I must say that every one of these kids are wonderful. One customer at Hardee’s on the way up commented to me that we had the best, most well behaved group of children that he’s ever seen! I take full credit, of course. Just kidding – they have a wonderful, God-fearing parents.

Make sure to ask your child what award he/she won during our last church group time on Thursday night…see you today!

Centri Kid Day 3

June 18, 2008

Yesterday’s theme was “Know Your Script.” The Script being the Bible. Campers learned about how the Bible is more than just a rule book – it is a story about Jesus. Also, every person has a story and every Christian has a story of how they came to know and love Jesus. Last night myself and Mike Chase shared our stories (testimonies) with the children. It was great to see how they responded to hearing those.

Today’ s theme is “Spotlight.” God wants all people to point toward Jesus. Every action that we do either points people toward our Savior or points people away from Him. We are to point people toward Him in an ultimate act of worship.

One highlight of the week so far has been the group leader bible studies. While our children are off in their bible studies, the chaperones and group leaders have their own. Yesterday we listened the Bible read in 20 minutes. Four camp leaders read parts of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that revealed God’s ultimate plan for redeeming man, Jesus. It was cool to hear how it all unfolds and how the Bible has so much to say about Jesus.

Today during our Bible study time, we had an intense time of prayer. Each adult leader received numerous index cards that told us to pray a certain way or for a certain thing. It was a humbling time of confession and renewal.

Tomorrow is the last full day!

Definitely a highlight of camp so far are The Lads. This band of three guys are from New Zealand. They have a fantastic testimony of how they ended up in America. They were a Christian rock band that had played all over Australia and New Zealand. They decided to take a trip to American and while they were here they had some things happen to them and found themselves bankrupt. They had no gigs and no name recognition in the states. Then, someone asked them if they had ever thought about leading worship for middle school and pre-teen kids. They, in fact, had never thought about it. However, they decided to give it a try and the rest is history.

The Lads wrote the theme song to Worship Kidstyle, which is the program that we use on Wednesday nights during the summer.

They are a fun band who write lyrics that pre-teens can really latch onto and contemplate. They certainly have been a highlight this week.

This morning was the first day of bible study and tracks. Every child is pre-assigned a team that they are on and this is the team that they do Bible study with. They are placed with children from other churches in order to get them out of their comfort zone. The tracks involve recreation and activities that the kids choose to participate in. Right now they are finishing up their first track and then they’ll head on to their second track. After that we’ll have our group picture and then free time.

Keep praying that your children will grow deeper in Christ this week. The Centri-kid staff has been praying for your child by name for weeks and are ready to help your children grow.

I’ll try to have another update tonight and hopefully some pictures!

Also, thanks to those parents and leaders who sent mail. We handed out mail today and it made their day. I even got three letters!

Centri-Kid Day 1

June 17, 2008

*Welcome to the Centri-Kid journal. Parents, if any of you are reading this, be sure to let others know. I am planning to post a recap every day. I’ll write it at night and it will be posted at 6 am the following morning. *

Well, the first day at Centri-Kid is in the books. We had an uneventful bus ride to Toccoa Falls and everyone got checked into their rooms. Here are some interesting observations and facts from Monday.

Dinner was nuts. Picture 400 hungry kids plus chaperones waiting in long lines for food. Add to the fact that the drink machines didn’t work and it took us a good 20 minutes to get seated. Once we did, we devoured our meal.

Football – Before dinner the 11 boys and me played some two-hand touch football. The problem with these guys is they all wanted to be quarterback. So most of the time was spent yelling about who the QB was…still, it was a blast before we had guys stepping in ant piles!

Worship – was a great experience. There was an awesome band that played loud rock/praise music. You could tell it was eye-opening to our kids who are used to choir robes and orchestra.

Rooms – Well…there were a few minor issues with a shower not working and a sink being clogged, but other then that the newly renovated rooms have been better than I expected.

Overall, it has been a blast so far. The kids are really enjoying themselves and are looking forward to the rest of the week. This post will be published first thing tomorrow morning but I’m writing it now and I’m beat. Parents, your kids are having a great time!

Today, 21 children (4th-5th grade) and four chaperones depart for Centri-Kid Camp at Taccoa Falls College in Taccoa Falls, Georgia. Pray for the campers, as well as the chaperones, to make great strides as they grow in Christ this week. Pray that this camp experience will be a catalyst in these campers’ lives and spur them to greatness in Him.

This Wednesday at FirstKids we are going to start a new program. From 6:00-6:30 children will participate in Worship KidStyle, which is a children’s worship curriculum created by Lifeway. When this program concludes, children will either go to Celebration of Liberty practice or they will go under supervised childcare. Preschoolers will also have their own version of Worship Kidstyle to attend.

At 6:30 I will be teaching a bible study on the theology of Marriage and Family. I will be using different sources for this study but will be heavily leaning on the book, God, Marriage, and Family by Andreas Kostenberger and David Jones. I had Dr. Jones as a professor in seminary and this book is very similar to a class that he taught while I was there.

I hope that you will continue to make Wednesday nights a priority this summer and I hope to see you there!