This Wednesday at FirstKids we are going to start a new program. From 6:00-6:30 children will participate in Worship KidStyle, which is a children’s worship curriculum created by Lifeway. When this program concludes, children will either go to Celebration of Liberty practice or they will go under supervised childcare. Preschoolers will also have their own version of Worship Kidstyle to attend.

At 6:30 I will be teaching a bible study on the theology of Marriage and Family. I will be using different sources for this study but will be heavily leaning on the book, God, Marriage, and Family by Andreas Kostenberger and David Jones. I had Dr. Jones as a professor in seminary and this book is very similar to a class that he taught while I was there.

I hope that you will continue to make Wednesday nights a priority this summer and I hope to see you there!


Teacher Appreciation

June 2, 2008

Yesterday we had a teacher appreciation luncheon for all of our Sunday school teachers (birth-5th grade). One of the cool things about serving at an established church is that some teachers have taught for a long time. We started a wall of service recognizing those lifetime teachers. We had one lady who has been teaching third grade girls for 43 years, a co-teacher that has been teaching the same class for 35 years and a first grade male teacher who has been teaching for 25 years. We also have a couple that has been holding babies for 33 years straight. Being that I am only 29 years old, it amazes me the long-time dedication, love, and sacrifice that teachers like these make. When they see Jesus in Heaven he will indeed tell them, “well done good and faithful servant.”

If you serve at a church that doesn’t appreciate its teachers publicly on a regular basis, I highly recommend it. It is both a humbling and rewarding time for all involved.


February 25, 2008

Click here to see Richard Bisbee’s baptism yesterday. It’s right after “Great is thy Faithfulness” at the beginning. Great job, Richard!

Special Needs

February 5, 2008


One of the cool things about what we are doing at FirstKids is our special needs ministry for children and families of special needs children.

Family Connection of South Carolina is an organization of parents helping parents of children with disabilities, developmental delays, and chronic illnesses across the state. First Baptist is fortunate enough to be able to host a workshop for this organization once a quarter. This group does a phenomenal job of providing key information for many families to make their life a little easier. Raising special needs children is not a light task and these parents have formed an awesome support group.

In June we are going to go full force at FirstKids as we open our special needs ministry. We are going to have “buddies” or “shadows” in place so that families that want to come to church can come to a polace where their child will receive one-on-one attention while still being able to be a part of Sunday school.

If you know of any special needs families that use their child as an “excuse” (and a very good excuse it is) to not be involved in church, please tell them that First Baptist is equipped to meet their special need. Be praying for the church, these families, and Family Connection as they serve God in this special way.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year. We gave our gradeschoolers a time of response yesterday and we had four children accept Christ and six state that they were interested in knowing more. Praise the Lord!

Here is what is on tap this week at FirstKids:

Wednesday marks the return of Children’s Choir, Mission Friends, RA’s, and GA’s.

Also, I will be starting to teach a study on Southern Baptists beliefs for parents and childcare volunteers. Meet in the temporary offices and then we will most likely take the elevator up to 3rd floor Sanctuary.

Don’t forget that this Sunday there will be NO AWANA. Enjoy Steve Phillips’ 20th anniversary celebration at 6pm. Childcare will be provided.

Christmas Pageant

December 8, 2007

This week has been pretty crazy at FirstKids. The 21st Annual Columbia Christmas Pageant started on Thursday and ends tomorrow, Sunday afternoon. That is four performances in five days. Part of FirstKids’ obligation to this pageant is to help out with keeping the 60-70 or children on task. We have been blessed with a dedicated group of volunteers and paid workers who do a great job of getting the children dressed, lined up, on stage, off stage, and back down the stairs to the children’s center. When the pageant is over, we have “downtime” with the children where we try to keep them entertained and safe until their parents pick them up.

Saturday afternoon I managed to slip into the sanctuary and watch a little of the second part of the pageant. I watched a scene where Jesus did three miracles…with each miracle the crowd clapped in joyous affirmation. The next scene, Jesus was nailed to the cross and the next scene showed an empty tomb. The choir sang the old hymn, “White as Snow” in acapella. It was a wonderful time to reflect on how Jesus came to die for our sins and how his blood cleanses us from the stain of sin. Praise God!

Thanks to all those who made the pageant a blessing as well as a success.

Family Thanksgiving Singing

December 2, 2007

Here is a clip from a few weeks ago of some of our children singing at the church wide family Thanksgiving dinner.

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