VBS Day 3

July 16, 2008

It is really awesome to see how the Lord works. We had over 35 children make faith professions Wednesday morning at VBS. These children responded to a gospel call by raising their hand (with their eyes closed) and helpers took them outside the room and met with them individually. We expected a few children to make decisions this morning but we did not expect 30-40 hands shoot up immediately when the option was given. Each VBS leader has incredible stories at how God has worked through these kids’ lives this week. Many of these children have never heard the Gospel before and are either unchurched or barely churched. Confronted with the ‘no-brainer’ decision to believe in Jesus’ forgiveness of their sin, these children were eager to taste that sweet forgiveness.

I have heard stories of children sincerely convicted of their sin and ready to accept Jesus and eager to tell their friends and family members about Him. I’ve even heard of children having complete personality changes once the Holy Spirit came to dwell in their life. What an amazing encouragement to all Christians everywhere! God is still on His throne and He is still working through the tender and accepting hearts of children. It is no wonder why Jesus often used children to teach his disciples and others about following Him.

During the remainder of the week we will systematically go through each of the many decision cards and counseling packets and get in touch with every parent. Pray that some of these unchurched parents will be as receptive to the Spirit as their children have been.


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