July 14, 2008

294. That is the number of children and adult volunteers that we had today for the first day of Vacation Bible School. This number is about 30 more than the average over the past two years. This number is important for several reasons:

1. This number means that there well over 200 children will clearly hear the Gospel presented this week multiple times. Around half of these children are either unchurched or not affiliated with First Baptist in any way.

2. This number marks a substantial increase since last year. In ministry, we need to celebrate our victories that God has blessed us with. Like most years, this number should increase and cap out by Wednesday.

3. This number means that close to 300 people are either involved in or participating in a Gospel-centered activity at one time in one place for one week. Wow!

4. Because this is the highest number FirstKids has had in a while, the excitement that this number creates energizes all of our leaders. God has blessed us with fabulous leaders this year in VBS – a good mix of first-timers as well as long-term servers.

5. This number also represents the number of little egg salad sandwiches that I ate at the WMU leader snack station. WMU – we you love and your cooking (especially the egg salad, sausage balls and poundcake).

Keep praying that God will bless this week through VBS!


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