My Way or the Highway

July 12, 2008

Throughout my experience being involved in young family ministry (a whopping six years!), I have noticed that there are several major “hot button” subjects among Christians. These topics, if discussed in a certain atmosphere and/or spirit, can lead to extreme and emotionally-charged discussions. In fact, some of these discussions between brothers and sisters in Christ can become simply embarrassing to the occasional third party listener. For some reason, these topics create a firestorm of controversy and sibling rivalry among members of the body of Christ. Theses discussions do nothing to unite the body but, in fact, tear down the body of Christ because the spirit with which the discussions are made are nothing short of demonic.

Over the next several weeks, I intend to blog about each of these topics which will comprise a series of posts. Some of these subjects may garner more attention than others. Some of these posts will no doubt attract blog lurkers and surfers to comment whom I’ve never met. Additionally, your comments and interaction may help steer the direction of any future posts in the series. Furthermore, it will be interesting if those commenting will be able to do so in a loving spirit. The title of the series will be, “My Way or the Highway” and will focus on how there are areas of family life that may seem to be the right way (indeed, the only way) of doing things but in actuality, the ‘right way’ is not so clear. The first post will be on the subject of “Natural Birth.” Future posts will deal with such ‘clear’ topics as breastfeeding, spanking, and schooling. I will say that some of these topics deal primarily with the woman’s body and so I may not be speaking from first-hand experience, however, I have a wife who is a mother and, together, we have been through these things together – even if I did not physically deal with the same things that she has dealt with.

Pray for VBS this week – we have over 200 children signed up!


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