Tell Others (July 6)

July 3, 2008

This month’s theme: July is all about how Christians should act and what they should do. The lessons are Tell Others, Respect Others, Work with Others, Tell the World. This week is on Tell Others. The application is that God wants us to tell people about Jesus. Thankfully, His Spirit helps and leads us to do this.

3rd-5th graders
will learn the story of Stephen. An interesting story to tell children since Stephen was killed while telling others about Jesus. Interestingly enough, the literature stops before he is stoned in the 3rd and 4th grade learner guides. I’m not a big advocate of leaving parts of a story out so if you choose to tell that Stephen was killed you may want to say, “this does not mean that you will be killed for telling others about Jesus.” Instead, impress upon the children the importance of telling people about Jesus. Stephen was willing to risk his life so that people may know about Him. That is the lesson they should take from the story, not that they should fear for their life when they invite their classmate to church….not in America at least…well, not yet.

1st-2nd grade: Will learn about how Jesus transformed Saul into a persecutor of Christians into a committed disciple of Christianity who told many people about Jesus. Let your kids know that when they invite someone to Sunday school they are telling them about Jesus much like Paul did.


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