Centri Kid Day 3

June 18, 2008

Yesterday’s theme was “Know Your Script.” The Script being the Bible. Campers learned about how the Bible is more than just a rule book – it is a story about Jesus. Also, every person has a story and every Christian has a story of how they came to know and love Jesus. Last night myself and Mike Chase shared our stories (testimonies) with the children. It was great to see how they responded to hearing those.

Today’ s theme is “Spotlight.” God wants all people to point toward Jesus. Every action that we do either points people toward our Savior or points people away from Him. We are to point people toward Him in an ultimate act of worship.

One highlight of the week so far has been the group leader bible studies. While our children are off in their bible studies, the chaperones and group leaders have their own. Yesterday we listened the Bible read in 20 minutes. Four camp leaders read parts of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that revealed God’s ultimate plan for redeeming man, Jesus. It was cool to hear how it all unfolds and how the Bible has so much to say about Jesus.

Today during our Bible study time, we had an intense time of prayer. Each adult leader received numerous index cards that told us to pray a certain way or for a certain thing. It was a humbling time of confession and renewal.

Tomorrow is the last full day!


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