Centri-Kid Day 1

June 17, 2008

*Welcome to the Centri-Kid journal. Parents, if any of you are reading this, be sure to let others know. I am planning to post a recap every day. I’ll write it at night and it will be posted at 6 am the following morning. *

Well, the first day at Centri-Kid is in the books. We had an uneventful bus ride to Toccoa Falls and everyone got checked into their rooms. Here are some interesting observations and facts from Monday.

Dinner was nuts. Picture 400 hungry kids plus chaperones waiting in long lines for food. Add to the fact that the drink machines didn’t work and it took us a good 20 minutes to get seated. Once we did, we devoured our meal.

Football – Before dinner the 11 boys and me played some two-hand touch football. The problem with these guys is they all wanted to be quarterback. So most of the time was spent yelling about who the QB was…still, it was a blast before we had guys stepping in ant piles!

Worship – was a great experience. There was an awesome band that played loud rock/praise music. You could tell it was eye-opening to our kids who are used to choir robes and orchestra.

Rooms – Well…there were a few minor issues with a shower not working and a sink being clogged, but other then that the newly renovated rooms have been better than I expected.

Overall, it has been a blast so far. The kids are really enjoying themselves and are looking forward to the rest of the week. This post will be published first thing tomorrow morning but I’m writing it now and I’m beat. Parents, your kids are having a great time!


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