Centri-Kid Camp Day 2 (AM)

June 17, 2008

Definitely a highlight of camp so far are The Lads. This band of three guys are from New Zealand. They have a fantastic testimony of how they ended up in America. They were a Christian rock band that had played all over Australia and New Zealand. They decided to take a trip to American and while they were here they had some things happen to them and found themselves bankrupt. They had no gigs and no name recognition in the states. Then, someone asked them if they had ever thought about leading worship for middle school and pre-teen kids. They, in fact, had never thought about it. However, they decided to give it a try and the rest is history.

The Lads wrote the theme song to Worship Kidstyle, which is the program that we use on Wednesday nights during the summer.

They are a fun band who write lyrics that pre-teens can really latch onto and contemplate. They certainly have been a highlight this week.

This morning was the first day of bible study and tracks. Every child is pre-assigned a team that they are on and this is the team that they do Bible study with. They are placed with children from other churches in order to get them out of their comfort zone. The tracks involve recreation and activities that the kids choose to participate in. Right now they are finishing up their first track and then they’ll head on to their second track. After that we’ll have our group picture and then free time.

Keep praying that your children will grow deeper in Christ this week. The Centri-kid staff has been praying for your child by name for weeks and are ready to help your children grow.

I’ll try to have another update tonight and hopefully some pictures!

Also, thanks to those parents and leaders who sent mail. We handed out mail today and it made their day. I even got three letters!


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