God Gives Power (June 8)

June 4, 2008

During the month of June, 1st-4th graders are learning about certain attributes of God. Last week they learned that if we obey God and keep his commands he can use us to do marvelous and miraculous things (the story of Joshua and Jericho). This week children will learn the famous account of how God used David, while giving him divine power and skill, to defeat Goliath and the Israelites, thereby bringing glory to His name.

Talk to your children this week about how God will give them the power they need to accomplish what He wants from them. God never calls us to do things without properly equiping us. He equipped David to defeat Goliath. In fact, he over-equipped him because David only needed one stone but had five with him. Ian’t it just like man to over-prepare when God perfectly-prepares? Teach your children to trust God to give them power to do what He wants them to do this week.


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