Obey God and Follow His Plan (June 1)

May 29, 2008

Since the new promotion year starts this Sunday, June 1st, I thought I’d introduce a new weekly segment on this blog – a preview of this week’s Sunday School lesson. Parents, you can help till the soil by speaking to your children of these biblical principles as the weekend nears.

If you have a 1st – 4th grader, this week in Sunday School your child will learn about obeying God and following His plans. from the passage of Joshua 6:1-21. (5th graders will be learning about the Holy Spirit this month and I will have a segment of that topic up tomorrow)

The important thing to remember about this story is that God, not Joshua and the Israelites, defeated Jericho. However, because Joshua and the Israelites obeyed God and followed His plan for their lives they were able to be a part of the victory and bask in God’s glory in the process.

What a blessing to be used by God to accomplish His will for our lives. When we live in accordance to His will we will always fall down on our faces in worship of Him. His will may not be our will but it will always be the most perfect route for our lives if we will simply obey and follow Him.

Talk to your children this week about obeying God and following His plans that are revealed for us through Scripture. Tell them what a blessing it will be from the Father of all blessings.


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