Rob Bell and Universalism

April 16, 2008

Pastor Rob Bell of Mars Hill Bible Church recently took part in a interfaith conference entitled, “Seeds of Compassion.” The dominant theme that seemed to be talked about (and not argued against by anyone) was that of universalism. This is very synonymous to what Oprah Winfrey has been spreading recently.

Rob Bell is a very influential pastor. His church in Grand Rapids, Michigan reaches thousands and his NOOMA videos are watched by many Christians, including people at First Baptist.

Check out this link at the website, “A Little Leaven” and watch Bell’s comments….

Is he being too vague? Is his silence, as well as his answers, agreeing with the universalistic message of the entire conference? You would think a Christian pastor would have used this venue to tell the full message of the Gospel…


6 Responses to “Rob Bell and Universalism”

  1. Ken Silva Says:

    As one who has been studying the ministry of Rob Bell for three years now I can tell you you’re dead on target.

    And you might want to also keep an eye on this piece as it develops commentary on these videos as well:

    Rob Bell Avoids Jesus Christ at the Seeds of Compassion Event

  2. Ken,

    Thanks for your comment and link. I’ve only studied him for over a year. I often wondered if his theology has changed as his popularity has grown…

  3. Ken Silva Says:


    Yes, actually it has. I’m told by people who have known him for years that once Bell was similar to John MacArthur in preaching verse by verse.

    Then comes McLaren’s book “A New Kind of Christian.” You’ll see Bell talk about it in “Christianity Today” if you follow the link inside this piece:

    Rob Bell in a Nutshell: The Bible

  4. Ken,

    Thanks for the link. It’s amazing to see how the slippery slope of liberalism can, as well as combine, many forms.

  5. Ken Silva Says:


    Not a problem. What we’re dealing with here is a new version of liberalism, postliberalism. It combines aspects of neo-orthodoxy and liberalism.

    The core doctrine of Contemplative Mysticism is what takes this Emergent Church and guys like Bell right off track.

    They are basically panentheists and in my view men like McLaren think that meditation is going to be the bridge to unite “faith traditions.”

    Look closely at Bell in the video clips at SoC and you’ll see, that along with the Eastern mumbo jumbo “journey vs. detination nonsense, he even has the look of a Buddhist now.

    This is a 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 delusion because they do not love the Truth – God’s Word. As in 2 Timothy 3:2 they love self – mankind. Bell is found in 1 John 4:5.

    I won’t bother you anymore. The Lord be with you. 🙂

  6. Ha, thanks for your comments, Ken.

    I do agree that I’m not sure what Christian would seek to bridge faith traditions…especially those that are mutually exclusive.

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