Oprah’s New Age Gospel

March 28, 2008

Check out this article. Make sure to read the quote about the Brooks Brothers employee…frightening.

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2 Responses to “Oprah’s New Age Gospel”

  1. charlie –

    thank you so much for posting this!!

    we women do a lot of “oprah said this” and “oprah said that” – thinking our admiration of a success story to boot is of no harm.

    i have been wanting to delve into her “spiritual thoughts” a little bit more before i decide to totally ban her from my life.

    i think now is the time to hop on that train & do a little researching. then, when i say “i banned oprah because…” i will actually know what i am talking about!!


  2. Ashley –

    Thanks for the comment. I think researching Oprah is a good thing. What I would suggest to all Christians who watch her show regularly is to watch it with an eye toward the details. I don’t think we should “ban” her in that we never watch her – I know you are not saying that. What we should do is watch her and be able to think to ourselves, “She is wrong about this because…” or “Her worldview is different than mine because…”

    It’s a good spiritual exercise to try to think through why and what people say and how they are harmful to Christianity and society. Of course if we don’t know our Bibles then we can’t necessarily do that and unfortunately many Christians don’t which is why they often times get ‘hooked’ into the self-help movement and “Thus saith Oprah.”

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