Jesus=God’s Son

February 29, 2008

“Simon Peter answered, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.'” (Matthew 16:16)

The lesson this Sunday at Studio 10:10 is on Peter’s confession that Jesus is God’s Son. The passage is from Matthew 16:13-20. Some observations from this passage:

1. The world is unclear about who Jesus is v.13-14 – “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” Jesus asked. He got a variety of answers. Still today, there are many answers about who Jesus is. Some say he was just a good man, some say he was a teacher, some say he was a prophet. Others say he was a lunatic. Who was Jesus? The world was, and still is, unclear about who He is.

2. Jesus and his followers are clear about who Jesus is. v.15-17 – Peter’s answer that Jesus was the Messiah and the son of God was approved by Jesus. Jesus believed that he was the Messiah and the Son of God. I agree with Jesus.

3. Jesus is clear about what the church is v.18-20 – Jesus states clearly that on Peter’s confession, He will set up his church and not even the gates of Hell can stand against it. God has his plan to reconcile humanity though the church.

Make no mistake about it, Jesus is God’s Son. He said so Himself.


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