The Holiness of God

February 23, 2008


Have you ever pondered the holiness of God?

Throughout Scripture, we are given glimpses of the magnitude of God’s holiness. In fact, these glimpses are so magnificent it is hard to imagine what the scene looked like.

For instance, in the book of Exodus after seeing the backside of God’s glory, Moses’ first reaction was to worship. And upon coming down from the mountain the Bible said that his face “shone” as it reflected the backside of God’s glory. Everyone that Moses came into contact with noticed the reflection and apparently it was so noticeable that Moses had to wear a veil over his face. He did this every time he met with God. God allowed Him to get a glimpse of the back of his glory during these conversations.

Why just the backside? Because God’s face, or his full glory, would have killed Moses. That’s how holy God is. He is so holy, and we are so unholy, that one look at his full glory will kill us. Why? One look at him would kills us because He cannot allow sin to exist in his presence because he is the definition of absence of sin. The entirety of the law that God gives Moses and his people is primarily given to them so that they understand how sinful they are and how holy He is.

Romans says that “through the law comes knowledge of sin.” (Romans 3:20) Therefore, the point of the entire Old Testament Law was for us to know that we are sinners and that God is holy and it is only by his grace, mercy, and salvation that we are allowed to live in this life, and next one as well.

The law gives us a glimpse of God’s holiness by looking at our sin. And as we get this ever-so-slight glimpse of God’s holiness we can make two decisions: We can ignore it and continue to worship ourselves in the prideful advancement of our own lives or we can admit it and start to worship God in the humble advancement of our lives for Him. Only an understanding of his holiness will lead us to the proper decision.


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