The Courtyard of God

February 16, 2008


One of the most amazing things about being a Christian is having total access to God. How often do we really dwell on the thought of having Jesus living inside us? I’m not sure if I can even accurately describe where or how he is, but he is. If we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior then he dwells in our hearts forever.

What’s so amazing about this is it has not aways been this way. The book of Exodus describes the formation of and entering in the tabernacle where God dwelt. Not everyone had access to God back then. If you were a Jew you could dwell with God in the courtyard of the tabernacle. If you were a priest you could go inside the tabernacle to the Holy Place. If you were the High Priest you could enter the Most Holy Place and finally have complete, although still reserved, access to God. If someone other then the High Priest entered the Most Holy Place he would instantly die. Also, if sins weren’t forgiven or something went wrong with the ceremony, the High Priest could be struck down as well. That’s how utterly holy our God is. Sin cannot even begin to exist in His presence.

That is what is so amazing about having God’s Spirit dwelling inside of us. For years He dwelt outside of people…now he dwells inside those who accept Him. What have we done to deserve this indescribable gift? Absolutely nothing. By grace through faith are we saved. So the next time you are reading through Exodus and wonder to yourself, “what do all these rules have to do with me and why do I care?” dwell on the fact that God no longer dwells in the tabernacle. He dwells in your heart. This fact alone should lead you to a lifetime of worship.


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