Special Needs

February 5, 2008


One of the cool things about what we are doing at FirstKids is our special needs ministry for children and families of special needs children.

Family Connection of South Carolina is an organization of parents helping parents of children with disabilities, developmental delays, and chronic illnesses across the state. First Baptist is fortunate enough to be able to host a workshop for this organization once a quarter. This group does a phenomenal job of providing key information for many families to make their life a little easier. Raising special needs children is not a light task and these parents have formed an awesome support group.

In June we are going to go full force at FirstKids as we open our special needs ministry. We are going to have “buddies” or “shadows” in place so that families that want to come to church can come to a polace where their child will receive one-on-one attention while still being able to be a part of Sunday school.

If you know of any special needs families that use their child as an “excuse” (and a very good excuse it is) to not be involved in church, please tell them that First Baptist is equipped to meet their special need. Be praying for the church, these families, and Family Connection as they serve God in this special way.


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