Friday Reflections

January 25, 2008

1. Having a sick child is no fun. My son Jackson was diagnosed earlier in the week with the Croup and an ear infection. For three days his nose ran more then a broken faucet. Now that he is getting better he is starting to gag the medicine and spit it out…Praise God he is getting better, though.

2. I really am excited how God is working through FirstKids. We are changing things, people are responding in positive ways and we are slowly eliminating our barriers to growth.

3. I’ve been at my new position since September. The longer that I am here the more I realize that there are many areas that I am ultimately responsible for that I know little or nothing about. The larger any organization is, the more impossible it is to know about every little detail. That is why it is so helpful to have so many talented and dedicated volunteers and staff.


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