Shepherding Chapter 10: Embracing Biblical Communication – A Life of Communication

December 19, 2007

scales.jpegThe main point of Tripp’s tenth chapter is that communication is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that, if done properly, will take time. It is a lifestyle that has costs but also has eternal benefits.

For effective communication to take place, parents must become good listeners. Tripp states,

“Some people think listening is what you do between opportunities to say something. During listening times they don’t listen at all. They are deciding what to say. Don’t be such a parent. The Proverbs remind you that the fool does not delight in understanding, but in airing his own opinions” (Proverbs 18:2) (Tripp, 90-91)

Proper communication requires mental stamina. You must keep your thoughts focused. You must also bring integrity to your interaction with your children. Tripp states,

“You should show them repentance. Acknowledge your joys and fears and how you find comfort in God. Live a shared life of repentance and thankfulness. Acknowledge your own sin and weakness. Admit when you are wrong. Be prepared to seek forgiveness for sinning against your children. The right to make searching and honest appraisal of your children lies in willingness to do the same for yourself.” (Tripp, 91)

One of the most important benefits of a lifestyle of communication with your children is that when your children leave home they will seek that comfort of the home experience with like-minded Christians. This is hard work for parents to instill this type of lifestyle to their children. There will be costs.

“Parenting will mean that you can’t do all the things that you could otherwise do. It will affect your golf handicap. It will modify the amount of time you have for bowling, hunting, television, or how many books you read. It will mean that you can’t develop every interest that comes along. The costs are high.” (Tripp, 97).

The costs are high but the rewards are eternal. Are you preparing yourself and your children for this eternal challenge?


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