Monday Insight: True Masculinty

December 17, 2007

gladiator-crowe.jpg“So what is masculinity?

It’s a willingness to lead, assume responsibility, and be a self-starter. Masculine men take initiative. It’s an inclination to despise passivity and do the right thing. It’s a willingness to stand alone and be unpopular. It is a desire to protect and to provide for one’s family and those who are weak and disadvantaged. It requires courage, honor, and the willingness to sacrifice, even if necessary, one’s own life for the good of others. That’s masculinity.

The world thinks you’re masculine if you’re a street fighter. The world thinks you’re masculine if you take steroids and look powerful. But those kinds of activities don’t make you masculine. You can be the toughest guy on the block and biggest guy in the gym and still be feminized.

True masculinity is not valued in our culture. It is shunned and mocked. The media and academic elite want men who have been worked on by a vet. They want only hardworking, driven men who are very, very sensitive. But when those two planes hit the Twin Towers on September 11, what we suddenly needed were masculine men. Feminized men don’t walk into burning buildings. but masculine men do. That’s why God created men to be masculine.”

(Steve Farrar, King Me, 120).


7 Responses to “Monday Insight: True Masculinty”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Yep – that pretty much sums it up. Nice find. If I ever have a son I’ll have to pick up the book.

  2. Tyler,

    Thanks for visiting. Farrar has several good books for dads and sons. Do you know of any that focus on the father/daughter relationship?

  3. Tyler Says:

    I don’t know of any from him. I’m pretty sure there are other authors out there that have written about the father/daughter relationship. But I think they are geared toward dads with girls that are in their early to late teens. Since my daughter is only 2, I’ve got some time ’till I’ll read those.


  4. declan Says:

    mint site i love gladiator man:D

  5. henrypetermcalpine Says:

    I like this film because it gives me the essence of being faithful to a royal emperor and the country. The gladiator had gained the honor by his death for his promise to a old emperor, and also for the sake of his people. Watching this film, I envy him and I would like to be one, like him.

  6. hmmm Says:

    stumbled across this page by complete accident. After reading the first paragraph, I wondered: my mother was willing to lead, assume responsibility and be a self-starter. Does this mean she was truly masculine?

  7. hmmm,

    Without knowing your mother I wouldn’t necessarily say that. Many mothers have to lead, assume responsibility and be a self-starter because they have no choice.

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