Monday Insight: God’s Grace

December 10, 2007

The following is a quote from the great English preachers, Charles Spurgeon. He is writing on the importance of preaching the Gospel while emphasizing God’s grace and His goodness. Teach your families the goodness, kindness, mercy, love and grace of God this Christmas season.

“Why do you suppose people met in the woods during times of persecution, assembled by the thousands outside the town of Antwerp and such places on the Continent, in jeopardy of their lives? Do you suppose they would ever have come together to hear the poor milk-and-water theology of this age? Not they, my friends. They needed stronger meat and a more savory diet to attract them. Do you imagine that, when it was death to listen to the preacher, people, under the cover of night and amid the winds of tempest, would then listen to philosophical essays or to mere moral precepts or to diluted, adulterated, soulless, theological suppositions? No, there is no energy in that kind of thing to draw people together when they fear for their lives.

But what did bring them together in the dead of night amid the glare of lightning and the roll of thunder? What idea brought them together? Why, the doctrine of the grace of God, the doctrine of Jesus, the doctrine of His servants: Paul, Augustine, Luther, and Calvin. Something in the doctrine touches the heart of the Christian and gives him the kind of food his soul loves – savory meat, suitable to his heaven-born appetite. To hear this, men braved death and defied the sword. (Charles Spurgeon, Grace)


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