Christmas Pageant

December 8, 2007

This week has been pretty crazy at FirstKids. The 21st Annual Columbia Christmas Pageant started on Thursday and ends tomorrow, Sunday afternoon. That is four performances in five days. Part of FirstKids’ obligation to this pageant is to help out with keeping the 60-70 or children on task. We have been blessed with a dedicated group of volunteers and paid workers who do a great job of getting the children dressed, lined up, on stage, off stage, and back down the stairs to the children’s center. When the pageant is over, we have “downtime” with the children where we try to keep them entertained and safe until their parents pick them up.

Saturday afternoon I managed to slip into the sanctuary and watch a little of the second part of the pageant. I watched a scene where Jesus did three miracles…with each miracle the crowd clapped in joyous affirmation. The next scene, Jesus was nailed to the cross and the next scene showed an empty tomb. The choir sang the old hymn, “White as Snow” in acapella. It was a wonderful time to reflect on how Jesus came to die for our sins and how his blood cleanses us from the stain of sin. Praise God!

Thanks to all those who made the pageant a blessing as well as a success.


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