The Chronicles of Atheism? About “The Golden Compass…”

December 3, 2007

Many of you may be familiar with the children’s movie that is being released this holiday season called, The Golden Compass. Christianity Today has a very good informational article on this controversial and anti-Christian movie. Please read and be informed. If you take your children to see this movie, be able to explain the premise to them and make sure they are thinking critically about it.

Click here for entire article


“…depicts the death of God and the creation of a “Republic of Heaven” that has no need for a King. And while Lewis and Tolkien kept the Christian elements fairly subtle—even the Narnia books have no explicit references to Jesus—a key scene in Pullman’s trilogy shows a former nun telling two children that she left the Christian faith because it’s “a very powerful and convincing mistake, that’s all.”

“In these books, Lyra discovers that Lord Asriel is mounting a war against God, and she meets a boy from our own world named Will, who acquires a knife that can cut through anything, including the barrier between universes. The knife even has a prophetic name, Æsahættr, which means “god-destroyer.” By the end of the trilogy, God is dead, and Will and Lyra have reenacted the Fall in the Garden of Eden—but in doing so, they save the universe rather than destroy it.”

“In Pullman’s story, the God of the Bible is not really the Creator, but simply the first angel who emerged out of what Pullman calls “Dust.” When other angels emerged, he lied and said he had created them—and he went on to set up churches in multiple universes, to assert his control over them. But now this angel, who is called “the Authority,” is old and weak and faces a rebellion by angels and humans alike.”

…Like I said, be informed…



2 Responses to “The Chronicles of Atheism? About “The Golden Compass…””

  1. Bill Says:

    I think that as followers of Christ we should engage the culture and be thoughtful in our criticism and not just reactionary. I keep hearing all this talk about banning the movie..I am going to see the movie and we are taking our Middle School kids(those who want to come), and talk afterwards about the worldview issues. Let’s have an intellectual and thoughtful discuss about the ideas and not just being afraid of them.

    I posted some thoughts about the Golden Compass on my blog here:

    Also, ChristianityToday posted a helpful piece by Jeffery Overstreet that give a balanced view and addresses questions and concerns Christians have about the books and movie.

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for stopping by the site. I am all about engaging the culture. I think that the commentary that Mohler wrote (view above post) showcases the legitimate concerns.

    I also agree that it would be a good idea to discuss with children the issues of the movie and have them to think critically about it.

    However, I think it is pretty clear that the authorial intent of the book series is to destroy and defame our Savior.

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