The “Ideal” Christian Woman

November 13, 2007

ruth_by_dan_andreason.jpgHere is an article from about women feeling pressure to “fit the perfect Christian woman stereotype.”

The Idea Chrisitian Woman, part 1

Here are some snippets:

“Myth: The godliest of Christian women look great all the time, all have godly Boaz type husbands, and have the same convictions about childbirth, breastfeeding, education, dinner preparation, employment, and so forth…”

“We have many godly, mature ladies at Mars Hill with great wisdom to offer their sisters in Christ. The first quality of all of them is humility. They realize their unworthiness and don’t hold their preferences on childbirth, breastfeeding, education, dinner prep, and so forth as anything for which to pat themselves on the back. In fact, among the mature, Christlike women I know at Mars Hill, there are diverse opinions on each of these issues. Also, we have many godly women who are not married and/or do not have children. These women too are humble servants, hospitable with their resources and Christlike in their priorities.”

“Oh that we would be a church of humble women who are honest about our sin. Instead, so often we are a mix of shame and pride. We’re ashamed of ourselves because of what others have done to us and what we, in turn, have done to others. And we’re too proud to admit it to anyone. We must become women who value confession. I don’t know where the saying originated that “confession is good for the soul,” but I believe it’s a concept that is taught first in Scripture…”


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