Emotional Adultery

November 2, 2007

It has been well documented about how adultery is not only rampant in the church, but hits many pastors as well. Here are several excellent posts regarding something less obvious…the subject of emotional adultery.

Emotional Adultery

Safeguards to prevent emotional adultery

Check them out.


4 Responses to “Emotional Adultery”

  1. anne jackson Says:

    Thanks for the link. I hope it blesses others.

  2. caseyross Says:

    Charlie – This is such a huge topic. So glad you’re posting on it. I never hear anyone talking about this. It is a scary topic.

  3. Charlie Wallace Says:

    Thanks guys.

    Yes – a huge topic…I think one of those that since it’s mainly in our minds we tend to not talk about it. Thanks for writing such good posts about it.

  4. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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