Shepherding a Child’s Heart

October 2, 2007

2.jpgHere at First Baptist, whenever a family presents their child to be dedicated, they receive, among other things, a book by Tedd Tripp titled Shepherding a Child’s Heart.

This week I am going to start a series of posts on this book. When I finish going through this book I will probably go through others as well. Your comments are, of course, welcome and encouraged. Keep in mind that as Christians we should choose carefully our words when we engage in conversation with other believers. Our words should always be uplifting and never abusive or condescending. I trust you will heed this plea.

Parenting philosophies are always controversial. In fact, discussions on parenting philosophies will sometimes garner extremely emotional responses from parents because of the personal nature of parenting. No parent ever wants to think that he or she is doing something ‘wrong’ with their children. With that said, I will have one goal in reviewing/critiquing parenting philosophies as I continually will ask the question:

Is this biblical?

Everything we do needs to adhere with Scripture. With that said, I will be interpreting Scripture through a sin-tainted lens but will be seeking to read all Scripture in light of its cultural and theological context.

The first post will be up soon.


2 Responses to “Shepherding a Child’s Heart”

  1. I am enjoying your summary of this book. Do you find it to be a great resource to give parents for dedication? We currenlty give a Bible to the child, but I’d love to equip the parents as well. The premise of where the author is coming from is closely aligned (so far) with what I view is needed from parenting. Another great book along these lines is “Grace Based Parenting” by Tim Kimmel. I am looking forward to more on this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Charlie Wallace Says:


    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think this is a wonderful resource to give our parents. As you know, there are A LOT of different books that could be given that, in my opinion, miss the mark. “Grace Based Parenting” is very similar and I may review that in the future as well.

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